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Improving choice of automotive repairers for consumers

Media Statement from David Bradbury MP – Assistant Treasurer & Minister for Deregulation (June 2103)

The Gillard Government has endorsed the need for a code of conduct between independent automotive repairers and car manufacturers to allow repairers access to the data they need to service modern cars, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.

This is part of the Government’s response to an inquiry by the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) into choice for consumers in the automotive repair market.

The Government will ask the Chairman of CCAAC, Mr Colin Neave AM, to monitor industry-led negotiations on a voluntary code of conduct, with a report to Government by mid-year. If industry representatives fail to make substantial progress on the code by the end of this year, the Government will start a process to examine other regulatory options, including a mandatory code of conduct.

Today’s modern cars are fitted with sophisticated computers that require special technical information in order to repair and diagnose problems. However, not everyone can access this information which makes it difficult, or sometimes even impossible, for smaller and independent repairers to diagnose and fix problems.

Consumers and repairers have been frustrated about the lack of access to technical information, with motorists increasingly forced to take their cars to dealerships for servicing.

“Consumers should have the right to choose where they take their cars for service and repair,” said Mr Bradbury.

“Modern cars are highly sophisticated machines that require access to data to allow repairers to diagnose and repair them.

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