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Latest MACS Service Report covers a whole heap of useful topics

FEBRUARY’S MACS Service Report tackles the practice of reprogramming modules, which our US counterparts describe as an an under-utilised business opportunity in the world of aftermarket workshops,

Also covered are reasons for the short life of replacement heater cores and how to avoid this problem and a practical reminder to check wiring diagrams before going on a parts replacement spree and a review of some refrigerant identifiers.

The bulletin also discusses how to avoid misdiagnosing problems when multiple coolant temperature sensors or thermostats are used in an engine cooling system.

Finally, those faults that are caused by a dead battery or very low voltage but have symptoms that would lead you to think something else is the source of the problem.

This includes vehicles with automatic transmissions that cannot be released from park unless there is a sufficient voltage supply in the ignition circuit. MACS has a way of shifting these vehicles, too.

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