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Liqui Moly develops thermal management liquid for electric vehicle batteries

A high-performance liquid coolant for electric vehicle batteries has been created by automotive chemicals specialist Liqui Moly, which says its Battery Coolant EV 200 product has been specifically designed for use in ‘indirect battery cooling systems’.

Liqui Moly says the new fluid provides excellent corrosion protection, long-term stability, and low conductivity throughout its service life.

EV 200 is designed to guarantee that the operating temperature of a lithium-ion battery never gets hotter than 60°C in the summer, and the ideal temperature range of 13-40°C is always maintained, even in the winter, reducing the formation of hydrogen in the cooling circuit.

The amount of energy an EV uses determines its range. Additionally, temperature has an impact on the battery’s lifespan. “Thermal management is extremely important, because it has an impact on the range,” said Mr Kaiser. 

Indirect battery cooling systems use a coolant and a refrigerant. They can achieve a greater cooling effect over ‘refrigerant only’ direct battery cooling and are required for electrified models such as the Hyundai Ioniq, Santa Fe and Tucson, as well as Kia’s e-Niro, EV6, Sorento, Soul and Sportage.

“The development effort was worthwhile,” said Liqui Moly head of R&D David Kaiser.

“Our product range has always supported the process of technological transformation. Our slogan ‘Everything that drives works better with LIQUI MOLY’ now includes e-vehicles.”

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