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WASTING time hunting for electronic control modules, relays and fuses dotted around a vehicle could be a thing of the past for Autodata users with the advent of two new modules designed to locate and identify these types of components.

The Electronic Component Locations (ECL) module includes diagrams and illustrations for air-conditioning, anti-lock brake systems, engine management fuse boxes, relay plates and general electrical components.

It enables users to bring up every electronic component diagram available for the selected vehicle and then filter the results either by honing in on the components relevant to the issue they are working on, or locating a specific component by name.

Clicking on a component brings up a full-page image with the components highlighted where appropriate and each component is visually represented by a thumbnail image, giving the user an at-a-glance reference to the currently-selected component.

The Fuses and Relays (F&R) module saves time by eliminating the need to click through multiple diagrams when looking for fuse boxes and relay plates.

After selecting the vehicle they are working on, the user opens the F&R module to present all that model’s fuse boxes and relay plates, which can then be narrowed to specific items depending on the task in hand.

Interactive illustrations then enable the user to quickly identify individual parts.

Other Autodata updates in recent months include a tyres module that provides easy access to tyre pressure information, tightening torques, tyre pressure monitoring system information, jacking point locations and jacking mode procedures.

74 new models have been added since August, including Audi Q5 (08-17) 2.0 diesel 2016-2017, BMW 7 Series (15-) 6.6 petrol 2017, Kia Cerato (16-)  2.0 petrol 2016-2017, Kia Rio (17-), Lexus RX (15-)  2.0 petrol 2015-2017, Mazda BT-50 (15-)  2.5 diesel 2015- 2017, Mazda CX-9 (16-)  2.5 petrol 2016-2017, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe (16-) 2.1 diesel 2016-2017, Mercedes-Benz GLE (15-) 3.0 petrol 2016-2017, Mercedes-Benz Vito (15-) 2.1 diesel 2015-2017., Range Rover Sport (13-) 3.0 petrol 2015-2017, Skoda Superb III (16-)  2.0 diesel 2016-2017, Subaru Forester (13-)  2.0 petrol 2016-2017, Suzuki S-Cross (14-) 1.4 petrol 2016-2017, Suzuki Vitara (15-) 1.4 petrol 2016-2017, Volkswagen Passat (16-)  2.0 diesel 2016-2017, Volvo C30  2.5 petrol 2007-2010 and Volvo XC70 (07-) 2.4 diesel 2015-2017.

In the same time frame, Autodata added 2108 vehicle updates on new and existing models, including key programming, repair times, service schedules, TPMS and wiring diagrams. 

Autodata says the information in these updates was obtained directly from vehicle manufacturers.

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