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Redarc forges ahead

REDARC CEO Anthony Kittel, left, and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) Managing Director, Dr Jens Goennemann inspect a collaborative robot at the REDARC Lonsdale facility, Thursday, February 18, 2021. Picture: Brenton Edwards

New investment to bolster successful Aussie electronics manufacturer and VASA member Redarc

New co-funding totalling some $A800,000 will allow Australian electronics specialist and VASA member Redarc to further develop its facilities and create additional jobs. 

The South Australian manufacturer, which has won numerous awards, has been modernising its facilities by investing in training and technology relating to “Industry 4.0” (the fourth industrial revolution), in which companies utilise automation, data, advanced tools and streamlined processes to their benefit.

This process, and the company’s recent expansion, is now being backed by co-funding from both the Federal Government and Redarc partners. The government-backed Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), which supports promising and innovative manufacturers, is contributing $A397,770, while the remainder of the co-funding will come from industry leaders such as Advanced Focus and the Artis Group. 

Redarc will use the money to expand its smart factory, increase its skill capabilities and create up to 35 new roles. It will also continue to invest some 15 per cent of its annual revenue back into research and development, creating more product lines and opportunities.

“In that context, we need to have a nimble, agile and value-driven manufacturing base to be able to sustain that type of business and respond quickly to customer needs,” said Redarc manufacturing engineering manager Andrew Rogers.

“Industry 4.0 is more than a buzzword; it represents the next leap in technological prowess and competitiveness. It should however be viewed as a journey without end, because after digitisation there will be something else to adopt to ensure we maintain our competitive edge.”

Redarc, which was founded in 1979, has more than 200 employees and designs, develops and manufactures components such as voltage converters, inverters and trailer braking products.

It also acquired Hummingbird Electronics in 2015, which specialises in electronics for industrial applications, and the military-oriented Redarc Defence Systems was founded in 2019. 

The company has also just opened a new office in Victoria, at the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC), which will additionally increase its capabilities and generate new employment opportunities. 

Dr Jens Goennemann, managing director of the AMGC, said: “Redarc understands the value of investing in people and equipment, and the competitive edge it delivers the company. By doing so, they remain globally relevant, competitive and a beacon for other local manufacturers.”

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