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Life after R134a: Working with and profiting from next-generation vehicle air-conditioning refrigerants

R1234yf cylinder and gauges
R1234yf cylinder and gauges

Life After R134a is an overview of new industry standard air-conditioning refrigerants that are now replacing R134a globally in new vehicles.

Automotive air-conditioning refrigerant R134a has been used for around 20 years now, but times are changing with at least two new gases – R1234yf and R744 – now adopted by global car manufacturers.

You may have already noticed an acceleration in the number of brands importing vehicles using R1234yf. A handful of high-end German luxury cars now use R744, with this technology expected to soon trickle down to mainstream models sold across the globe.

Business opportunities abound for early adopters of this shift. Australian dealerships and collision repairers are already relying on aftermarket specialists to diagnose, repair and re-commission R1234yf systems in late-model vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz S-class with R744 (CO2) air conditioning system being tested
Mercedes-Benz S-class with R744 (CO2) air conditioning system being tested

Major insurance companies are also in the process of building databases of businesses equipped and trained to handle the new refrigerants.

Life After R134a explains the history and evolution of automotive refrigerants, the drivers of change including ozone depletion and global warming potential, how industry has responded to overseas legislation controlling HFCs, a comparison of current and new refrigerant characteristics including flammability, changes to equipment, components and working procedures brought about by new refrigerants and the related standards, licensing and legislation.

The first vehicles using R1234yf started arriving on the Australian market in 2014, so if you service, repair or recommission automotive air-conditioning systems, now is the time to act.

Life After R134a is your first step toward preparing for and profiting from these refrigerant changes.

About the speaker

Brett Meads has more than 30 years’ experience in the automotive sector. He has experience in many aspects of modern enterprise and holds formal qualifications in education, engineering, automotive and business.
With a focus on automotive HVAC systems, Brett has acted as a consultant to Federal and State Government departments, ARCtick, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, GHD Engineering, CoolDrive, Supercool, RACQ and TAFE.

As a long-time advocate of training and VASA member since its inception in 1992, Brett has served as the industry association’s Vice President since 2013 and is central to the development and delivery of its SightGlass Training program.