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Thatcham powers up new EV training

Independent specialist Thatcham Research, which is based in the UK, has launched a new training program that is designed to get businesses and employees up to speed with electric cars.

The program, called EV Ready, covers EV-specific facets such as battery identification, safely working on electric vehicles and component repair – and both e-learning and hands-on training are employed. 

EV Aware e-learning courses are also offered for non-technical employees and managers, helping all within a business get to grips with the new technology, while formal industry-backed qualifications are available for technical staff that complete the required training.

Claim of the Future 4 11th April – 13th May 2021 Photo: Drew Gibson

The safety, vehicle repair and security specialist says that its new EV Ready training scheme will prove essential to companies as the market shifts towards zero-emissions vehicles.

“New EV registrations are rising sharply,” said Dean Lander, head of repair sector services at Thatcham Research. “Adoption will only continue to increase, so it’s imperative that businesses know how to interact with these vehicles safely and efficiently.

“There are many challenges to overcome before a sustainable repair ecosystem can be created. Chief amongst them is an urgent need to equip repair businesses with knowledge and skills, supporting an EV repair framework that meets consumer expectation and allows the benefits of the EV revolution to be realised.”

Fortunately, for workshops looking to prepare for the future, Thatcham is not alone in offering support and training. In the Australian market, for example, dedicated courses for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles are available through organisations such as the Motor Trade Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) and its MTA Institute (MTAI).

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