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LONG-TIME VASA member Tony Mugavin has at last opened online sales of his  Smart Battery Terminal invention after its official launch in the VASA booth at the recent Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.

As reported in the previous edition of SightGlass News, Tony’s experience with bringing his patented product to market was fraught with setbacks.

Despite numerous false starts, Tony maintained his no-compromise approach to quality and insistence on manufacturing it locally.

The terminal’s clamp is designed to fit both positive and negative battery posts, while a short section of insulation needs to be removed from the cable (between 8.5mm and 17mm thickness) before it is secured by the two-bolt saddle.

For connecting thinner cables, the saddle can be inverted to uniquely allow the connection of wires as slim as 2.5mm. Also included is an extended post clamp bolt with second nut to provide connection for additional accessories.

As a result, the Smart Battery Terminal is suitable for haulage, mining, agriculture, marine, off-roading, solar and recreational touring – or any other applications with a multi-battery setup or numerous electrical accessories.

The inventor also claims this device reduces effort and time required  to swap a full set of truck terminals from three hours to 15 minutes.

It also eliminates the temptation for risky on-vehicle soldering in the potential vicinity of explosive battery gases, so makes the process much safer.

Because the terminal is easy to use, it can also discourage people from attaching lugs to bypass corroded terminals, a shortcut and stop-gap that can cause a poor connection and build up resistance over time.

The Smart Battery Terminal makes it possible to replace terminals in-situ one by one as they corrode, rather than having to remove all the cables and cable ties for sufficient access to do a proper job.

Online sales of Tony Mugavin’s invention are now underway at

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