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VASA Regional Training – Sydney

Subject: Advanced HVAC Diagnostics

When: Saturday, 14th June 2014, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Where: The Northern Sydney Institute, Hornsby Campus, 205 Pacific Highway, Hornsby NSW 2077

This is a full day of comprehensive training providing participants with an opportunity to become fully conversant with modern air conditioning system operation and analysis.

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Topics covered:

  • Basic service information and discussion on vacuum times and the servicing of vacuum pumps
  • Using correct oils and other requirements for recycling refrigerant
  • Gauges : what they are really telling us. Discussion and practical demonstration including varying ambient temps and heat loads
  • Superheat and sub-cooling : critical understanding including practical measurement and discussion
  • Scan tool use to evaluate system performance and relate results to gauge readings. Discussion and practical application VE Commodore
  • Toyota Aurion system : practical evaluation of control valve current, evaporator fin temps and refrigerant saturation temps

VASA Service Centres receive a $150 rebate (one per year) for attending VASA-approved training.

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