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Virtual reality tech to boost apprenticeships

A skills initiative called Ready, Tradie, Go! is using virtual reality technology to engage the next generation of Australian automotive apprentices. 

The new scheme employs a VR system that allows school students to try painting a virtual car, with higher scores being awarded to better paint jobs. 

Other vehicle-related career options are also highlighted, and planned updates include welding simulations.

Tradiebot Industries, which develops advanced automotive training software, collaborated with the New South Wales Department of Education to launch the new scheme. 

Companies such as 3M and Axalta are also involved and will provide routes into the industry for keen students. 

Using such immersive technologies, and the gamification of training, improves engagement and can deliver better results than conventional approaches. 

As a case in point, a recent pilot session resulted in 38 of 56 students signing up to the initiative’s second stage, in which they will visit a 3M centre for hands-on demonstrations. 

More school visits, and a wider high-school program across Australia, are planned.

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