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Wire & Gas 2013: Singapore out, Gold Coast in

The Gold Coast will replace Singapore as the destination for this year’s Wire & Gas convention.

The VASA Board of Directors reluctantly made this decision after some intense number crunching, which showed that Singapore would be too expensive for members as well as VASA’s bank balance.

“In hindsight, Singapore, although a great destination, may have been just a little ambitious,” said President Ian Stangroome.

“Sanden made a very generous sponsorship offer to help get us there, but when the final detailed costs became available, our budget unfortunately fell well short of what was needed to make Wire & Gas 2013 the memorable event it should be.”

“Our apologies to any members who had their heart set on Singapore.

Our survey indicated the majority of you were interested, but that’s when we were forecasting a $1,600 per person price point. With an eventual cost more like $3,000 per person, it was considered just too expensive,” said Ian.

The Gold Coast is a significant choice as this is where VASA began—exactly 20 years ago this year!

So get ready for a big weekend of celebrations. We’ll even throw in some training!

SAVE THE DATE: 8 to 10 June 2013.

More details and prices soon at and in eNews, Facebook and Twitter.

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