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Air-conditioned motorcycle helmet

Hawaiian inventor Steve Feher, who pioneered the technology that provides the seat cooling now commonplace in luxury cars, has adapted it for motorcycle helmets.

The Feher ACH-1 is claimed to be the first self-contained air-conditioned motorcycle helmet and is already on sale in the United States, where it costs the equivalent of $A820, and reportedly has relevant type approvals for sale and use in the Australasian market.

Using a thermoelectric pump to dehumidify and cool air inside the helmet, It is claimed to reduce temperatures from the rear of the head to the forehead by up to 10-15 degrees in warm conditions, and should also reduce visor fogging.

Ambient air is drawn in through a vent at the top rear of the helmet, then cooled air is circulated through what Feher calls Tubular Spacer Fabric before being exhausted from a vent at the lower rear of the helmet. It otherwise lacks regular vents.

Power is drawn from the bike’s 12V system via a quick-release cable, or third-party batteries can also be used.

Because there is no in-built power source, the Feher ACH-1 weighs 1.4kg, which is around the same as a regular full-face helmet. Feher says it is produced in conjunction with a “leading helmet developer and manufacturer”.

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