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ARC reaches 60K milestone

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) now has more than 60,000 individual ARCtick license holders on its books, plus at least 17,000 licensed businesses.

Almost a decade on from the introduction of licensing requirements for the handling and trade of ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gases in Australia, the increase in the number of license holders contrasts with the emergence of refrigerants with low global warming potential ratings that are not currently covered by the scheme.

ARC points out that each license holder is “doing their bit for the environment – by limiting the emissions of fluorocarbon refrigerant and synthetic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere”.

This is also acknowledged by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who recently said the refrigeration and air conditioning industry “has delivered more emissions savings than any other sector in the Australian economy”.

ARC says our industry “should rightly be proud of this achievement as it cements our place as environmental leaders”.

VASA believes the success of Australia’s licensing scheme should be extended to cover all refrigerants to ensure standards of professionalism and safety are maintained for the benefit of our industry’s reputation and its service to society.

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