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CoolDrive stocks tools, parts for hybrids and EVs

COOLDRIVE Auto Parts is supporting the growing number of hybrid and electric cars on Australasian roads with a range of 25 tools and chargers plus 180 related spare parts.

Among this offering is stock of Tolsten specialised tools such as insulated screwdrivers, spanners and ratchets that are rated for 1000V AC with IEC60900 compliance and tested to VDE standards.

Insulated electrical gloves, safety glasses and warning signage are also offered to workshops getting into electrified vehicle maintenance and repair, along with a Bosch FSA050 insulation tester.

“There are almost 110,000 hybrid or electric cars now on our roads, and a further 20,000 in New Zealand,” said CoolDrive Auto Parts CEO John Blanchard, who pointed out that Australasia’s four largest trading partners (China, Europe, the US and Japan) also happen to be the world’s largest markets for plug-in vehicles.

“The Australasian car market is now even more closely following global trends, and that’s definitely toward electric cars.”

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