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Cranes cooled by N15

Honeywell has announced that industrial enclosure and air conditioning specialist Philip Doyle Manufacturing (PDM) will use its Solstice N15 refrigerant.

Based in Ontario, Canada, PDM will employ the N15 refrigerant in industrial air-conditioning systems designed for applications such as overhead cranes.

N15 is designed as a replacement for R134a, R227ea and R124 and an HFC/HFO blend designated R515B.

It reportedly offers comparable efficiency to R134a but, crucially, it has a global warming potential of 292 compared with the 1430 of R134a.

R515B, which is suitable for chillers, heat pumps and high-ambient air-conditioning systems, is also non-flammable – meaning it can be used where restrictions limit the use of A2L-rated refrigerants such as R1234yf and R32.

“Our customers were seeking a refrigerant solution that is safe, suitable for temperatures that can climb up to 90 degrees Celsius in crane cabins and minimises impact on the environment,” said PDM project manager Basil Mendonca. 

“Honeywell’s Solstice N15 is not only non-flammable and highly efficient, it handles our high-temperature severe duty A/C needs in the toughest industrial applications.”

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