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Freezex cuts costs with Maxitrans refrigerated trailers

Transport company Freezex has acquired two new refrigerated MaxiTRANS  trailers – which, among other benefits, are reputedly saving the company money.

Freezex, which is based in Sydney, transports over 500 pallets of perishable products around New South Wales on a daily basis. Consequently, reliability and cost-effectiveness is crucial when it comes to its equipment choices.

As part of recent fleet upgrades, Freezex opted for two new 22-pallet Maxi-CUBE Classic refrigerated trailers from Australian manufacturer MaxiTrans.

“We had heard good things about the Maxi-CUBE Classic Reefer trailers so we decided to go for those,” said Freezex owner and MD Luke Howard-Bath.

“The material used for the body of the trailers is top-quality,” said Howard-Bath. “The refrigeration units get to the temperature a lot quicker and hold the temperature very well, which helps us save on running costs.”

Efficiency and costs are only part of the story for any commercial operator, however, but Howard-Bath has reportedly been impressed by MaxiTrans’ performance elsewhere. 

Outright quality aside, Howard-Bath cites excellent service, local support and availability as other major benefits – with a stock of ready-to-go trailers resulting in no downtime.

The Maxi-CUBE range is also specifically designed to tackle Australian road and weather conditions, which should ensure ongoing durability and efficiency. 

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