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Thermo King, BPW collaborate on sustainable power solutions for refrigerated trailers

Transport refrigeration specialist Thermo King and transport development experts BPW are collaborating to develop environmentally friendly refrigerated trailer systems.

Ultimately, it is hoped that the new collaboration – which was announced in June – will lead to a marketable zero-emission trailer refrigeration system.  

Such an innovation would offer significant benefits, including reduced ecological impact and substantial cost savings for transport companies.

Francesco Incalza, president of Thermo King Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “We’re leaders in electrification, we have the largest range of zero and low-emissions solutions in all market segments.

“The partnership with BPW perfectly reflects this approach and brings us closer to meeting our 2030 sustainability goals and combating exhaust, CO2 and noise pollutions in our industry.”

Both Thermo King and BPW have already been working together since late 2019, in an effort to develop a sustainable and less harmful refrigeration system.

Having reportedly reached a significant milestone, the two are now officially collaborating ahead of previewing some developments later this year.

The American manufacturer Thermo King is a subsidiary of the global Trane Technologies group which, by 2030, aims to reduce its customers’ carbon emissions by one gigatonne. 

This, to put things in perspective, is approximately equal to the combined annual emissions of Australia and Canada. 

BPW, which is based in Wiehl, Germany, has a similar focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of transport and logistics.

Its R&D of products ranging from telematics to trailer solutions is aimed at making transport safer, sustainable and more predictable – and appears to make it an ideal counterpart for Thermo King.

“By combining our competences as technology leaders for freight transport solutions we can make temperature control systems more environmentally friendly through new energy concepts in the trailer,” said Thore Bakker, general manager of trailer solutions and mobility services at BPW. 

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