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THESE pages only provide the slightest hint of a taste of all that made up the 2017 Frankfurt motor show.

Headlines were grabbed by all the talk of pushing toward alternative powertrains and autonomy, so here are a few highlights.

Image A shows the Volkswagen Group hall, which on its own was larger than the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo.

But VW had nothing on Mercedes-Benz (B), which had constructed a building inside a building with a huge escalator, lifts and a giddying spiral ramp for accessing the multiple mezzanine levels.

A modest electric hatch from Honda (C) stole the hearts of many show-goers, while the Mercedes-AMG Project One (D) arguably stole the show with genuine F1-for-the-road hybrid tech wrapped in surprisingly subtle bodywork.

The BMW Vision i Dynamics concept (E) is expected to spawn a production i5 to join the i3 and i8 in the brand’s electrified range, being many cars at the show to exhibit a charging socket (F & G).

An example of the Frankfurt show’s influence, and that of the broader German car industry, was highlighted by the presence of Angela Merkel (H, with head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche).

In addition to the many exhibition halls linked by various walkways, large outdoor spaces (I) hosted additional exhibits and activities such as an off-road test track.

Like the Honda, Smart’s vision EQ ForTwo concept (J) previewed a production car at the more affordable end of electric mobility for urban dwellers, as did the Mini EC (K).

Further democratisation of alternative drivetrains was shown in the shape of the Mercedes Vision Van concept (L), and the company says it plans to be mass-producing electric LCVs before 2020.

As electrified vehicles gain traction, more carmakers are following Tesla into the energy business. Honda (M) showcased its Power Manager that is to be trialled in France, using artificial intelligence to iron out peaks and troughs in energy usage.

More AI came in the shape of two Audi concepts including the Aicon (N) that has no steering wheel or pedals and can travel more than 800km on electricity alone.

There was still plenty for those who enjoy a bit of old-fashioned internal combustion and a steering wheel, with huge crowds gathering for a first glimpse of the latest Audi RS4 Avant, Bentley Continental GT, BMW M5, Ferrari Portofino, Land Rover Discovery SVX and Renault Megane RS.

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