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Mercedes-Benz pushes the range envelope with hydrogen and electric trucks

Mercedes-Benz has been making headlines recently. First, its GenH2 prototype – approved for public road use – completed the #HydrogenRecordRun, where it covered 1047km using just one fill of liquid hydrogen. Soon after, an eActros 600 prototype took the spotlight, travelling over 1000km with only a single intermediate charge.

Daimler Truck head of truck technology Andreas Gorbach
Daimler Truck head of truck technology Andreas Gorbach

Daimler has since confirmed that the GenH2 hydrogen truck is scheduled for production between 2025 and 2030. However, the battery electric eActros 600 is expected to be released sooner, potentially leading to rivalry between the two models.

Battery electric trucks are often preferred for distribution and long-distance haulage when the routes are predictable and charging options are available. Hydrogen-based drivelines could be a better choice for demanding and flexible operations in heavy-duty transport and long-distance haulage.

With a gross weight of up to 44 tonnes, the eActros can transport 22 tonnes of goods around 530km on a single charge

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