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Training on EV Service and Repair Fundamentals at Autocare Brisbane

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association is claiming that next month’s Autocare convention in Brisbane will assemble the “largest collection of leading experts ever assembled in Australia” to provide training and education on topics that matter to automotive repairers.  

A number of sessions will cover the hot subject of electrified vehicles, including one entitled ‘HEV/BEV Safety, Equipment and Systems Overview’ delivered by MTAQ technical trainer Keith Minchin and MTA technical learning & development officer Nigel Palmer.

Their session is designed to benefit both technicians and workshop managers wanting practical advice to add EV service and repair capability in their workshops.

Keith Minchin has 40 years of automotive knowledge and has stayed at forefront of developments in automotive innovation during his extensive career, while Nigel Palmer has more than 30 years’ experience in the automotive trade in various roles, including with OEMs, in the process gaining a wide technical skill set, particularly in EV service and repair. 

“Learning EV service and repair shouldn’t be feared, and it isn’t drastically complicated. It’s about understanding the fundamental elements of the EV systems and integrating this new know-how into your existing skills,”  said Keith Minchin.

“We’re excited to share our combined expertise to help technicians and managers get up to speed so they can add EVs as a revenue source moving forward.”

At the workshop level, the session covers the signage and PPE requirements needed for workers, the specialised EV tools and equipment required, plus how to identify hazards and control risks.

For technicians, the session will unpack the different electric vehicle classifications and configurations and the major EV components. Focus will be given to the different EV battery types, battery consumption, and basic battery operational theory. The fundamentals of motor/generators will be addressed, as will EV interlock systems and the depowering and re-initialising of EVs. 

This year’s Autocare will be Australia’s largest and includes a VASA booth. It takes place 9-10 June at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Book your tickets at to hear more trainers and speakers like Brandon Steckler at this education-led action-packed event.

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