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WA discounts licences, registrations, permits, certifications in pandemic relief package

Eligible businesses operating in Western Australia will receive discounts on licences, registrations, permits, certifications, until March 31 this year as part of the state government’s COVID-19 support package, with one-year or annual licence fees and one-off transaction fees waived.

Licenses issued for more than one year will be discounted by one year’s worth of the full fee as follows:

  • Five-year licence fees will be discounted by 20 per cent
  • Three-year licence fees will be discounted by 33 per cent
  • Two-year licence fees will be discounted by 50 per cent

Similarly, refunds equivalent to 12 months of a license fee (including one-year, annual and one-off fees)

The WA state government says it is “making arrangements to send eligible refunds as soon as possible”.

With around 50,000 refunds to process, it may take some time and in some cases, applicants and licensees will be contacted by the relevant department to collect up-to-date bank details for payment of the refund via electronic funds transfer.

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