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Aftermarket Tesla repair training on the horizon

Tesla has released a scan tool for aftermarket repairers in the United States, making training outside the brand’s dedicated network a real possibility for the first time, according to Massachusetts-based EV repair training facility ACDC, founded by Craig Van Batenburg.

Craig is now in the process of developing a Tesla training course for aftermarket repairers.

“The ‘Right to Repair’ Massachusetts law allowed me to see the early service information in 2014,” said Craig in a recent email update.

“My first experience with Tesla was a pre-production Tesla Roadster over 14 years ago. That smile was right after a fast test drive,” he said of the above image.

“Finally, Tesla has released a Scan Tool. Now we can do some work on the Model 3 and Y.”

Craig will soon deliver a free information session for those interested in learning more about the Tesla training.

More than 10,000 Teslas will be sold in Australia during 2021; it took the company from 2014-2020 to sell its first 10,000 cars here and the majority of those were sold in 2020.

To put that into perspective, in Australia’s mid-size sedan category, sales of the Model 3 are second only to the Toyota Camry (of which 11,116 were sold in the first 10 months of this year). In September this year, the Tesla Model 3 was New Zealand’s second-best-selling car after the Ford Ranger.

The bottom line is, if you want an opportunity in the EV repair market, Tesla would be a great place to start. Australia’s equivalent to the Massachusetts Right to Repair legislation becomes active in July 2022, just before VASA’s Wire & Gas conference where Craig – pandemic travel restrictions permitting – will be delivering a training session and participating in a panel session with an Australian expert on Right to Repair.

VASA’s North American counterpart MACS has published a video about Tesla repair information here.

There is more information in another video from MACS here.

VASA will bring you more information about Tesla repair as it becomes available.

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