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August MACS Service Report covers curly AC diagnostics

ANOTHER month, another incredibly informative MACS Service Report that is essential reading.

The August edition from VASA’s North American counterpart reveals the complex and not-so obvious ‘trim’ settings that may cause customers to believe the climate control system of their vehicle is not working optimally.

For those considering an all-in-one recovery/recycle/recharge machine, MACS has produced a buyers’ guide.

There is also information about a new tool for testing one of the increasing numbers of belt-driven compressors that use externally mounted solenoid valves.

A reminder to read the full name of a diagnostic trouble code comes from a case study about common faults with the air-con systems of General Motors vehicles and another case study about an odd reason for random, unwanted air-conditioning activation will bring up memories of those curly diagnostics jobs that leave you with both a sense of satisfaction and tales to tell.

VASA members have exclusive access to MACS technical papers here.

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