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Perth firm helping Bentley with e-drive axle

Australian advanced materials company Talga has announced that it will be supporting the development of a new electrified axle for Bentley Motors. It is not yet known whether this will feature in an updated plug-in hybrid Bentayga SUV that is currently under development.

Talga made the announcement following confirmation that it would receive £224,000 ($A415,000) in government funding for the project from Innovate UK and the UK Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV).

Innovate UK and OLEV have established a scheme called “IDP 15: the road to zero-emissions vehicles”, which aims to back related high-value research and development programmes. The new high-performance e-axle project, led by the UK’s Advanced Electric Machines Research and aided by Talga, will receive funding totalling $A6.7 million from the IDP 15 scheme.

Talga, headquartered in West Perth and with operations in Sweden, Germany and the UK, specialises in graphene- and graphite-enhanced products that are ideal for motor and battery systems.

Bentley Bentayga hybrid charging

For this project, Talga will develop and supply graphene materials for use in creating light and high-performance aluminium windings for electric motors that will outperform existing copper-based solutions.

Talga managing director Mark Thompson said the advancement as potentially “pave the way for opportunities to replace copper wire in many large-scale applications globally”.

According to reports, funding provided to Talga represents 70 per cent of its contribution to the project – but the company will retain both existing and arising related intellectual. Opportunities provided by the consortium, as well as any developments derived from it, may subsequently help Talga secure a strong position in the supplier market for electrified vehicles.

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