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Tickets to future:gas 2023 on sale NOW!

Tickets to the 2023 future:gas refrigerant roadshow are now on sale at

The automotive section of the tour will kick off in Auckland, NZ, on July 25 and end in Perth, WA, on September 6. A separate tour aimed at the stationary sector and facilitated by VASA will start in Vanuatu on May 11 and end in Lae, PNG, on July 12.

Auckland NZ
25 July 2023
Melbourne VIC
2 August 2023
Brisbane QLD
22 August 2023
Wellington NZ
26 July 2023
Canberra ACT
15 August 2023
Townsville QLD
23 August 2023
Dunedin NZ
27 July 2023
Sydney NSW
16 August 2023
Darwin NT
4 September 2023
Adelaide SA
1 August 2023
Newcastle NSW
17 August 2023
Perth WA
6 September 2023

As with the previous and highly successful future:gas roadshow in 2016, tickets to the week-night seminars will be heavily subsidised.

Welcome drinks and canapé style food are provided along with cutting-edge information about the refrigerant landscape from leading industry experts.

Tickets will be sold online in advance of the events for just $20 per participant.

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