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Latest automotive refrigerant survey from RRA

Since 2013, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia has worked with VASA member workshops to conduct regular surveys of which refrigerants are installed in vehicles that are having air-conditioning work done at metropolitan and regional locations around the country. The study records how many vehicles are charged with R134a, R1234yf, hydrocarbons and mixtures of hydrocarbons with other refrigerants. Continue reading Latest automotive refrigerant survey from RRA

Australia’s slow YF uptake hits the headlines

The slow uptake of R1234yf on new light vehicles in Australia, largely caused by manufacturers exploiting a lack of regulation around their role in the HFC phase-down, has hit the headlines in mainstream media this month with articles in The Guardian newspaper and on the WhichCar website under which major automotive publications including Wheels Magazine Continue reading Australia’s slow YF uptake hits the headlines

Cold Hard Facts 2019

The latest Cold Hard Facts refrigerant report commissioned by Australia’s Department of the Environment and Energy has decried sales of new vehicles using R1234yf as “statistically irrelevant in 2018”. “Auto makers appear content to continue to supply models with older generations of refrigerants to any markets that permit HFCs, while making HFO charged models available Continue reading Slow R1234yf uptake called out in Cold Hard Facts

Barbara H Minor

Those who attended the 2015 VASA Wire & Gas convention will remember Barbara H Minor’s fascinating presentation about R1234yf, which she was pivotal in the development of. She has now been honoured with The Science of Chemical Industry (SCI) America Perkin Medal for her contribution to the research and development of refrigerants that address ozone Continue reading R1234yf inventor Barbara H Minor honoured with prestigious Science of Chemical Industry award