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AIC gets funding to prepare for electrified vehicle modifications and customisation

The Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) has been awarded a grant from the Victorian Government’s Zero Emission Vehicles Commercial Sector Innovation Fund to help it become a new Zero and Low Emission Vehicle (ZLEV) hub, supporting the vehicle evolution within the aftermarket manufacturing, service, repair and modification sectors. 

The grant will help the AIC to break down barriers for aftermarket product manufacturers to ensure modified ZLEVs remain fit for purpose, and provide automotive technicians with opportunities to be upskilled on ZLEV technology.

Both initiatives are designed to support consumers to access safe, reliable and affordable ZLEV aftermarket parts, servicing and repair.

“The AIC is uniquely placed to support the automotive industry’s uptake of Zero Emission Vehicles given our existing role supporting the aftermarket with testing services, and our facility built with automotive training and development in mind,” said AIC managing director Luke Truskinger.

“The AIC will be investing in ZLEVs, charging infrastructure and specialised ZLEV tools and equipment to be at the forefront of this important evolution for the automotive industry. The AIC will become a hub for aftermarket companies wishing to develop new products for these vehicles, and become a key training facility for technicians to gain the specialist knowledge required to repair and maintain ZLEVs.”

The Auto Innovation Centre’s new ZLEV capability will come online in early 2023. The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) will work with the AIC to develop and facilitate education and training programs to fast-track the support of this vehicle evolution for the automotive industry.  

ZLEVs are becoming an area of increased focus for the AAAA and the broader aftermarket industry, which comprises over 50,000 businesses and contributes $25 Billion to the economy annually.

AAAA CEO Stuart Charity said the organisation “actively monitors ZLEV take-up rates and barriers to ensure as an industry we are able to respond to the challenges of this emerging sector”.

“It is our role to support our sector to develop and fulfil important new industry responsibilities in relation to the growing segment of ZLEVs within the automotive industry,”

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