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Lamborghini says electrified LB744 sets new benchmark for hybrid supersports cars

Arriving some 12 years after the Aventador, the latest Lamborghini flagship supercar – officially named Revuelto and codenamed LB744 – deploys a 747kW, 6.5-litre V12-based plug-in hybrid drivetrain that redlines at 9500rpm.

Little wonder, then, that its maker refers to the LB744 as a ‘high performance electrified vehicle’.

In Spanish, ‘Revuelto’ means ‘mixed together’, which is fitting because this is the first ‘plug-in’ electrified internal combustion combo from Lambo, and with the same architecture also set to underpin the Huracán’s replacement in 2024, the maker is well on its way towards full model range hybridisation.

The Revuelto is the most powerful model in Lamborghini’s history and is claimed to achieve 0-100km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, reach 200km/h in just seven seconds, and continue to a top speed of 350km/h, all while accommodating a driver and a passenger more spaciously than its predecessor, with room for a golf bag behind the seats. The passenger even gets their own 9.1-inch display to enjoy the fast and furious readouts too.

Helping the Revuelto do this are three 150kW electric motors, one integrated into the gearbox, which acts as a starter motor, generator, and engine booster, and two powering each front wheel, which not only makes this Lambo AWD but also acts as the reverse gear, as the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission does not have one.

Apart from the familiar Countach-like proportions, you may have also noticed the Revuelto’s slightly elongated tail, the reason for this being that the engine has been rotated 180 degrees in order to rear-mount the transmission while also freeing up space for its batteries in what would usually be the transmission tunnel.

Lamborghini chief manufacturing officer Ranieri Niccoli commented: “The Revuelto is a hybrid car combining the most innovative technical solutions … creating what we call ‘Manifattura Lamborghini Next Level’ … we have adapted to a much more complex product and to processes we haven’t used before. With the introduction of the Revuelto, we expanded the area occupied by the company by 172,000 square metres, investing €150 million here in Sant’Agata Bolognese.”

Body-wise, the Reveulto’s carbon-fibre monocoque is 25 per cent more rigid and 10 per cent lighter than the Aventador’s, including a never-before-seen composite front crash structure. 

Kerb weight is 1776kg, which equates to around 420kW per tonne.

The Reveulto also features an active rear wing, used to reduce drag or increase downforce, and while most will leave this setting choice to the car, it can also be altered manually. Overall aerodynamic downforce has improved by 33 per cent at the front and 74 per cent at the rear over the Aventador.

But there is another side to the Revuelto, one never seen before on a Lamborghini: a drive setting known as City Mode. This allows the supercar to become a 132kW electrified vehicle in town for around nine kilometres, and when the battery runs low, the V12 can fire up and charge the 3.8kWh lithium-ion ultra-light batteries in just six minutes. It can also be plugged in for a full charge in around 30 minutes using a 7kW charger, although to keep the design clean, the socket is hidden in the front luggage compartment.

As with most Lamborghinis, the Revuelto’s initial sales success is guaranteed; the first two years of production are spoken for, and although Australian pricing has yet to be announced, it is expected to cost more than the Aventador SVJ it replaces – which itself was just over A$1 million.

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