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Perkins, Equipmake, and Loughborough University have joined forces to develop an advanced multi-fuel drop-in hybrid integrated power unit.  The collaboration aims to create a power unit that can directly replace diesel engines in terms of power density and response, enabling off-highway equipment manufacturers to accelerate their transition to lower-carbon or zero-carbon fuels.  Continue reading Perkins collaborates on off-highway hybrids

Arriving some 12 years after the Aventador, the latest Lamborghini flagship supercar – officially named Revuelto and codenamed LB744 – deploys a 747kW, 6.5-litre V12-based plug-in hybrid drivetrain that redlines at 9500rpm. Little wonder, then, that its maker refers to the LB744 as a ‘high performance electrified vehicle’. In Spanish, ‘Revuelto’ means ‘mixed together’, which Continue reading Lamborghini says electrified LB744 sets new benchmark for hybrid supersports cars

If racing improves the breed, controversy over the latest W206-generation Mercedes-AMG C63 S and its four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain may be unfounded as it shares plenty of tech with Lewis Hamilton’s company car. A total system output of 500kW and 1020Nm should also help sway those who think this is some kind of fancy Toyota Prius. Continue reading New Mercedes-AMG C63 S plug-in hybrid is a thermal management masterclass

EV & hybrid expert Craig Van Batenburg to train at Wire & Gas 2020

World renowned hybrid and EV repair expert Craig Van Batenburg from the United States is confirmed to train at Wire & Gas 2020 on his first-ever visit to Australia. A workshop owner turned training provider through his Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) in Worcester, Massachusetts, Craig’s peerless knowledge of vehicle electrification stems from his first Continue reading EV & hybrid expert Craig Van Batenburg to train at Wire & Gas 2020

Audi Q7 e-tron heat pump compressor

Audi’s Q7 e-tron made headlines last year upon its unveiling at the Geneva motor show, billed as the world’s first TDI plug-in hybrid with quattro drive and the first plug-in hybrid with a diesel engine from the German prestige marque. With a 3.0-litre six-cylinder oil-burner and electric motor on-board, the big SUV emerged with 275kW Continue reading Audi Q7 debuts cutting-edge heat pump tech

Prius HVAC unit by Denso

Toyota’s fourth-generation Prius due to launch in Australia in March breaks new ground for the pioneering hybrid car in a number of areas, including a more energy-efficient automatic air-conditioning system from Denso. According to the Japanese parts supplier, the system in the new Prius uses a more efficient electric compressor and an ejector-integrated evaporator, which Continue reading New Toyota Prius AC system is 18% more efficient