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NZ government consultation on licensing for those working in transport refrigeration

The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is seeking industry submissions from as part of a targeted consultation into the upcoming Refrigeration Licensing Regime, which is relevant to NZ VASA members working in the transport refrigeration sector.

Licensing will be introduced under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and apply to individual technicians who work on commercial and industrial heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems that use refrigerants that are flammable, toxic, or operate under high pressure.

Automotive air-conditioning will not come under the new licensing regime but one of the consultation’s main topics of feedback is whether transport refrigeration should be included as a fourth licensing class along with the existing three: Heating and air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning licence (excluding ammonia) and refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning licence (including ammonia).

The consultation phase from December 6, 2019 to 17 January, 2020 is more than a little inconvenient considering it coincides with both the Christmas and New Year period and the busiest time for the industry being consulted.

Nevertheless, VASA encourages NZ members in the transport refrigeration sector to respond to this consultation. Submissions can be sent as a Microsoft Word document or PDF to

Download the consultation document

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