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SAE International has chosen Mahle’s Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS) as the preferred alignment method for wireless EV charging standard the SAE J2954, concluding a 10-year effort to establish a standardised solution. Mahle chair and CEO said the decision “confirms the systems expertise of Mahle in electrification”. Continue reading SAE selects Mahle tech as wireless EV charging standard

A sharp increase in sales of electric vehicles has uncovered a foggy phenomenon during the Northern Hemisphere winter that caused enough ‘no smoke without fire’ concern to result in reports of fires to emergency services. However, the clouds emitted by Teslas while rapid charging have been identified as condensation from the thermal management system rather Continue reading Tesla fog mystery solved

German automotive parts manufacturer Mahle has introduced a new condenser for electric vehicles that is claimed to offer significantly improved power density.  As a result, in electric vehicles with active refrigerant-driven chillers for their batteries, the increased cooling capability could permit increased charging speeds and performance – all while reliably protecting the battery against damage.  Continue reading Mahle tech to speed EV charging

The 50th public electric vehicle fast-charging point – Tesla superchargers aside – has just been installed in Australia, marking a landmark in the ongoing development of electric mobility in this country. It is the fourth fast-charger to be installed by NRMA as part of its $10 million investment to deploy at least 40 chargers, in Continue reading Rapid charging infrastructure breathing new life into EV motoring