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In 1996, Nissan unveiled an all-electric version of its Prairie people-mover. It was the result of decades of research and the first electric car with a lithium-ion battery – a high-capacity, low-weight solution that would become the standard solution for myriad electric vehicles (EVs). Nissan subsequently capitalised on its experience with the launch of the Continue reading Nissan charges ahead with new EVs, tech

An autonomous truck, equipped with a self-driving system from technology specialist Plus.ai, has completed the first coast-to-coast commercial freight run in the US.  The truck, which was hauling a refrigerated trailer loaded with 18 tonnes of butter, started its journey in Tulare, California. It then drove some 4500 kilometres, from West Coast to East Coast, Continue reading Self-driving refrigerated truck crosses the US

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being sued for rolling back hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) leak prevention and repair requirements from 2016.  The lawsuit, filed by the international non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), is hoped to prevent the move as part of ongoing efforts to ease the climate crisis. HFCs are extremely powerful greenhouse Continue reading Clash over US HFC regulations

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has reported that ozone layer depletion reached record levels over large parts of the Arctic in spring. Monitored ozone levels over the Arctic in March are typically at least 240 Dobson Units (DU) – with a DU representing a 0.01mm-thick layer of pure ozone at standard temperature and pressure (STP). Continue reading Extreme weather, CFC damage result in record Arctic ozone depletion

Scale of Europe’s illegal refrigerant trade revealed, but not all bad news An audit carried out by the Norwegian Environment Agency has revealed widespread breaches of F-gas regulations, according to UK specialist outlet Cooling Post. The agency carried out an audit of 20 heat pump distributors and discovered that more than half violated F-gas regulations. Continue reading F-Gas breaches remain rife in Europe

The W201-generation Mercedes-Benz 190 has long been a much-admired model in the German brand’s extensive history. Its sharp styling, innovative features and indomitable build quality garnered it myriad fans and, by the time production ended in 1993, almost 1.9 million had been sold. It would be succeeded by several generations of C-Class, which built upon Continue reading From the archives: Mercedes W201 EV

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF THE AAAA The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has now been advocating for and supporting the industry it represents for 40 years.  As well as promoting opportunities for the aftermarket, the AAAA assists workshops and businesses in overcoming the myriad hurdles and challenges that the aftermarket business can present. It also Continue reading News and highlights from around the automotive world in July 2020

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has praised the Federal Government’s new “Technology Investment Roadmap”. The roadmap explores how the uptake of low-emissions technology could be accelerated, in an effort to continue emissions reductions, without harming the economy or reducing consumer choice.  It also covers a range of sectors, including housing and transportation, and discusses the Continue reading Warm welcome for Australian government’s low-emissions tech roadmap

Adelaide Airport has announced plans for an all-electric bus fleet, which may be introduced as early as 2021.  The new buses will be used for both the land- and air-side sections of the airport and will help it meet its sustainability targets. If everything goes to plan, Adelaide Airport could also be the first airport Continue reading Electric buses for Adelaide airport

Daimler Truck and the Volvo Group have signed a joint venture agreement to develop and produce hydrogen fuel-cell systems for heavy-duty commercial applications. The move has been in part prompted by the European “Green Deal” climate pact, a target of which is to reach zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.  Both companies share Continue reading Manufacturers race to deploy hydrogen fuel cell technology on commercial trucks