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Technology will help stem illegal sales, reduce influx of illicit refrigerants EFFORTS to counter the extensive illegal refrigerant trade in Europe are about to be bolstered by a new advanced software system from the United Kingdom.  The system, which will be developed by online trading specialist Vistalworks, will be designed to automatically find and identify Continue reading Refrigerant robocop

Cool Penguin F12 refrigerant

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently identified online sales of a potentially unsafe refrigerant promoted for use in automotive air-conditioners.  VASA’s North American counterpart MACS Worldwide is spreading the word with a safety alert on its website. While the product (branded “Cool Penguin F-12”) appears to be marketed as CFC-12, some of the cans contain a mixture of Continue reading Dangerous fake ‘F-12’ refrigerant sold online in US

Authorities clamp down on illegal import and cylinder usage A refrigeration specialist based in Victoria has been fined $A12,600 for importing HCFCs without the required permissions.  The company, which imports, builds and supplies air-conditioning systems, was also fined for the use of illegal disposable refrigerant cylinders – a storage method that has been banned since Continue reading Victorian company hit with HCFC fine

Tide slowly turning on Europe’s illegal refrigerant trade but more action needed A RECENTLY announced review of the European F-gas Regulation could help combat the continent’s ongoing and extensive illegal refrigerant trade.   The Combined Evaluation Roadmap/Inception Impact Assessment, published by the European Commission (EC) in June, aims to research, outline and assess the effectiveness Continue reading Europe must act on F-gas enforcement

Scale of Europe’s illegal refrigerant trade revealed, but not all bad news An audit carried out by the Norwegian Environment Agency has revealed widespread breaches of F-gas regulations, according to UK specialist outlet Cooling Post. The agency carried out an audit of 20 heat pump distributors and discovered that more than half violated F-gas regulations. Continue reading F-Gas breaches remain rife in Europe

The surge in illegal CFC-11 production and use in China will, according to a recently published athe recovery of the ozone layer. The paper, titled Delay in recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole from unexpected CFC-11 emissions, suggests that the emissions could add two years to the recovery of the ozone layer – if, that Continue reading Ozone under threat from CFC-11

The illegal refrigerant trade in Europe is extracting a heavy toll on legitimate business on both sides of the Atlantic. As a case in point, the profits of US-based refrigerant and chemical specialist Chemours fell from $10.1 billion in 2018 to $8.4 billion in 2019, with the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) black market cited as one of Continue reading Trade in illegal refrigerant hits hard

A study published by an international team of scientists has further identified China as the source of significant CFC-11 emissions, despite it being phased out in 2010 under Montreal Protocol. The chemical, which is particularly damaging to the ozone layer and has a high global warming potential (GWP) of 4660, was historically used primarily in Continue reading Mystery CFC-11 emissions

Doors Wide Open, a report recently published by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), has showcased how the illegal refrigerant trade is flourishing in Europe.  The detailed report reveals customs figures that indicate up to 16.3 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent HFCs made it into Europe illegally in 2018 – a figure equivalent to 16.1 per cent Continue reading EIA shines a light on illegal refrigerant

What’s wrong with this picture? The Australian flag and Australia Post logo on a one-shot DIY can of R134a for a start. This is just a selection of illegal R134a found on Australian eBay during a quick search by SightGlass News. And they seem to be selling rather successfully! We found more of the same Continue reading Illegal refrigerant trade Down Under?