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Six decades separate the launch of the two rockets pictured below. They look similar and both have the task of escaping Earth’s gravity so their payloads – sometimes including humans – can enter orbit. The NASA Saturn and SpaceX Falcon are technical marvels of their time. It is a similar story with the cold air Continue reading Air Conditioning History Book project a chance for your name to (literally) be in the history books

Excerpts from the Air Conditioning History Book

The Air Conditioning History Book project first announced at Wire & Gas 2015 is nearing completion and to support the production and printing of what is a significant record of Australasia’s technical and industrial development, VASA launched a crowdfunding campaign at Wire & Gas 2022. During a presentation by former VASA CEO Ken Newton and Continue reading VASA’s Air Conditioning History Book project crowdfunding campaign launched at Wire & Gas 2022

Bruce Marland Humphreys

An Australian mobile air conditioning pioneer who once claimed his company was the biggest air conditioner of ambulances in the world, Bruce Marland Humphreys, head of the former Melbourne automotive empire of Marlandaire died on 14 January this year. The claim has not only gone unchallenged, but reading Marlandaire’s client list confirms that the company Continue reading Vale Bruce Marland Humphreys — a true Australian pioneer