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Oddball concepts striving to improve every facet of motoring Trawl through automotive news websites and you’ll no doubt read myriad stories detailing the latest in powertrain, chassis and infotainment technology. As is ever the case, however, there are countless other areas where innovative designs and technologies are helping solve long-standing issues in the motoring world.  Continue reading Quirky tech that’s making a difference

Several studies into efficiently regulating building temperatures while reducing energy use from air-conditioning could have flow-on effects into the automotive and transport refrigeration sectors.  Researchers at Columbia Engineering – a top engineering school based in New York – have come up with a way to passively cool buildings. The concept makes use of a thermal Continue reading Tech that cools with less reliance on air-con could aid automotive

Being able to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve problems is vital for workshops so they can promptly fix the vehicle in question – helping cut downtime and maximise profit. One modern way to alleviate the oft-problematic and time-consuming fault identification and disassembly process is through the use of augmented reality – an approach that has Continue reading Augmented reality could expedite servicing and training

Microsocpe view of Vulcan Grip coating

A new industrial coating has caught our attention with its potential application for compressor pulleys and other automotive air-conditioning components, claiming benefits such as improved performance, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and greater durability. Dubbed Vulcan Grip and developed by US firm Extreme Industrial Coatings (EIC), the coating has been proven in heavy-duty agricultural Continue reading Pulley coating promises efficiency