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Greg Thomas (right) receives the VASA Pioneer Award from VASA president Ian Stangroome

For the second Pioneer Award of Wire & Gas 2022, the theme shifted to another equally important sector of the early car air conditioning industry, the workshops and the technical entrepreneurs who were at the front end of mobile air conditioning installations. Among the most significant of Australia’s installers was Greg Thomas, whose Sydney workshop, Continue reading VASA Pioneer Award presented to Greg Thomas at Wire & Gas 2022

Ken Newton (left) at the Wire & Gas 2022 VASA Pioneer Award ceremony playing a video interview he did with Rick Pickering

In the history of mobile air conditioning in Australia, there are two trade names that dominate early system design, manufacture and distribution. The most famous, worldwide, was Mark IV, and the other was AMC, or originally AMC-AIR. These companies dominated the Australian market through most of the 1970s and 1980s, and their destinies were mostly Continue reading Rick Pickering honoured with VASA Pioneer Award for Wire & Gas 2022