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Video: Dutch Ford advert entices owners of ageing cars into dealership workshops

THIS well put-together advert aimed at the Netherlands market caught our eye, not only because it shares VASA’s tag-line of “welcome home” but because it encourages owners of beaten-up old wrecks to use Motorcraft workshops that are located at many European Ford dealerships.

Motorcraft is Ford of Europe’s answer to big fast-fit chains and independent repairers, aimed at owners of older, out-of-warranty Ford models.

Some say Motorcraft service centres were established in response to the European Union mandating the sharing of vehicle repair information between vehicle manufacturers and independent repairers.

Motorcraft and its equivalents will no doubt make their way Down Under when repair information sharing becomes mandatory here. You had better be ready for this battle with exceptional service and competitive pricing!

Be sure to check out the video below to see Ford’s brilliantly creative ad.

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