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Following the coronial inquest into a June 2014 hydrocarbon refrigerant explosion that killed 34 year-old Barry Purtell and 52 year-old Dave Lobb at the Rochester Hotel in Victoria, the state workplace health and safety authority has issued a safety alert regarding flammable refrigerants. Although evidence given at the inquest incorrectly blamed the use of an Continue reading WorkSafe Victoria issues safety alert following fatal HC fire inquest

Singapore skyline

An investigation into a fatal August 2012 hydrocarbon refrigerant blast in Singapore has concluded, with the employer of the killed worker and their two injured colleagues fined $S150,000 ($A146,200). In a cruel irony, the workers were called to the job because Singapore authorities had issued notice of their intention to ban the use of hydrocarbon Continue reading $150K fine for deadly Singapore HC blast

Arrests in USA for illegal hydrocarbon refrigerant use

Authorities in the United States including the FBI, EPA and US Department of Transportation are cracking down on the illegal sale of unapproved hydrocarbon refrigerants used in home air-conditioning systems, culminating in a series of arrests. In contrast to the situation in Australia, where the culture of enforcement is not nearly as strong, joint investigations Continue reading Arrests in USA for illegal hydrocarbon refrigerant use

$100K US EPA fine for another hydrocarbon pedlar

Kansas-based truck industry supplier Northcutt faces a $US100,000 fine and the withdrawal of its hydrocarbon refrigerant products from the United States market in a consent decree lodged by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In a Finding of Violation (FoV) sent by the EPA to Northcutt in June 2014, the company was accused of selling unapproved Continue reading $100K US EPA fine for another hydrocarbon pedlar

Refrigerant identifier readings were all taken in one Queensland-based VASA member’s workshop

Focus on ‘regulatory impost’ rather than rife lawbreaking Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Anthony Lynham has requested the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate to set up a working group that will review the regulation of hydrocarbon refrigerants and find ways of “reducing the regulatory impost of compliance without compromising safety”. Minister Lynham wants the Continue reading Spotlight on Queensland hydrocarbon refrigerant regulations

Queensland hydrocarbon refrigerant regulation not stopping the rot

Queensland VASA members are encountering hydrocarbon refrigerant use among their client base, including heavy transport firms contracted to the resources sector and large-scale farming businesses. One example is a transport company that would use one VASA member’s workshop for three or four air conditioning jobs per week and provided a significant source of revenue. A Continue reading Queensland hydrocarbon refrigerant regulation not stopping the rot

Hong Kong Legislative Council building

Following criticism from the Office of the Ombudsman after an investigation into a 2013 air conditioning fire and explosion that injured more than 20 people and caused extensive property damage, the Hong Kong government is advising the trade not to retrofit systems with flammable refrigerants. In its damning report into the 2013 Ma On Shan Continue reading Hong Kong government advises against retrofits after HC blast

Burning question

Numerous technicians in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Spain and Vietnam have been killed or injured in recent weeks in a spate mysterious air conditioning explosions, according to sketchy, often contradictory media reports from those countries. In the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, four or five workers were taken to hospital for treatment of burns ranging from seven to Continue reading Mysterious spate of deadly AC explosions

Hydrocarbon refrigerant hose warning label

This warning label attached to a cylinder of hydrocarbon refrigerant could be the manufacturer’s admission that its product is no longer considered a direct ‘drop-in’ replacement for R134a. The warning criticises major hose brands and hose types used by major motor vehicle manufacturers and recommends the retrofit to a ‘full barrier hose’ in order to Continue reading Hydrocarbon refrigerant hose-down

US EPA Approves HC Refrigerants

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved hydrocarbon refrigerants R170 (ethane), R600a (isobutane), R290 (propane) and R441A (a blend of all four) for use in certain stationary refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The EPA has not changed its position on the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) systems, with Continue reading US EPA Approves HC Refrigerants