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With Australian Refrigeration Council CEO Glenn Evans As a member of VASA, you no doubt know about the ARCtick licensing scheme for Australia’s climate control industry – you most likely hold an ARCtick refrigerant handling licence (RHL) or refrigerant trading authorisation (RTA). The automotive sector has more than 32,000 RHLs and well over 10,000 RTAs Continue reading Inside ARC: A look at licensing and environmental Initiatives

View from NZ with VASA New Zealand Director Catherine Tocker A robust refrigerant stewardship scheme for New Zealand, backed by government regulations and aided by the establishment of a domestic end-of-life refrigerant destruction facility is edging closer to reality – but addressing the skilled labour shortage remains a key ingredient to meeting environmental goals. Uncertainty Continue reading NZ edges closer to robust, regulated refrigerant stewardship scheme

Between April 19 and May 31, 2023, the Australian federal government received a remarkable 2700 responses to the proposed implementation of a Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) from a diverse range of sectors, including the vehicle industry, climate groups, consumers, think tanks, unions, regional Australians, and individuals.  Continue reading Who is for and against the fuel efficiency standard including credits for low-GWP refrigerants?