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The Business with VASA Treasurer Ian Stangroome Over the past few years, getting staff in any sector of employment has become increasingly difficult. The skills shortage in the automotive repair sector has fared no better with little to no improvement in recent times. Workshops have great difficulty finding staff to fill vacancies in their businesses. Continue reading Multiskilled Technicians and their role in addressing the labour shortage

In response to the critical skills shortage in the automotive industry, The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) is calling on the NSW government to explore alternative options for apprenticeship training. Despite low unemployment rates, the industry continues to face a severe shortage of skilled workers, making immediate government action crucial. The NSW Treasurer’s Continue reading MTA NSW looks beyond apprenticeships

MTAA's 2021 Directions in Australias Automotive Industry report

The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) has warned that Australia has the worst automotive skills shortage in history, with 31,000 unfilled positions, against a backdrop of the industry-wide need to upskill in preparation for the transition to electrification while importing skilled labour remains impossible under COVID-related travel ban conditions. MTAA’s latest Directions in Australia’s Automotive Continue reading MTAA warns of looming EV repair skills shortage